At its simplest, the Ebbert Co. helps drive sales for our manufacturing partners. We work closely with them to strategize our approach, identify opportunities, nurture those opportunities, and close deals.

marketing services

The Ebbert Co. is in the relationship business, and we connect with wholesale and retail distributors across a myriad of channels. As a third-generation agency, we value our face-to-face interactions, along with embracing new technologies and modern communication strategies. As our motto states, we have a ‘whatever it takes,’ type of mindset.

warehousing services

We recognize the importance of delivering products promptly and securely. As such, the Ebbert Co. has a 12,000 square foot warehouse located in Fountain Valley, California that affords our manufacturing partners the advantage of stocking and delivering product across the country.

We have full-time personnel dedicated to managing our warehousing efforts that include ordering support, arranging freight, meeting and/or exceeding deadlines and tracking and reporting on inventory.

training facility

Different people learn differently. For a select few, a product catalog will suffice, but for those of us that appreciate a more hands-on experience, the Ebbert Co. has built a 1,000 square foot, state of the art training room available to our manufacturing partners. This space is equipped with the latest audio/visual equipment and is ideal for product demonstrations, staff trainings, and has even been known to have hosted a lively Taco Tuesday or two in its time.

A training area of focus for us is on jobsite safety which includes: fall protection, PPE, flooring protection, jobsite security, digital communication, and even safety certifications.

buying group partners

The Ebbert Co. believes in leveraging the benefits of buying groups for our partners. Our President, Troy Ebbert has sat on the committees of several large national buying groups, and we continue to nurture and build those relationships.

There are many benefits to membership in buying groups, such as lower cost of goods, lower shipping costs, centralized ordering, exclusive access to educational programs, and support from the organization itself.

Some of the buying groups we drive sales through include:

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