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About Gregory Industries

Generations of Steel Expertise
Gregory Industries has a proud legacy of metals expertise. Beginning with our earliest roots in Brooklyn, New York, the Thomas Gregory Galvanizing Works was established in 1896. Built on the core values of quality products and business integrity, the firm thrived with expansion into new facilities in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The present day firm was founded in 1957 by T. Raymond Gregory. With pioneering efforts in large-capacity kettles and the later combination of roll-forming and continuous galvanizing, Gregory Industries grew in success and reputation by supplying exceptional-quality galvanized steel to numerous industries.

Today Gregory Industries is regarded as a leader in proprietary manufactured products, continuous galvanized coatings and metalworking services. Traditions of quality, service and excellence remain commitments to our customers along with fresh approaches to innovation and competitive value.

Product Lines

G-Strut® Metal Framing Channel, Wizard® Accessories and G-Force™ Hangers work in hundreds of applications and interchangeable metal framing systems including: Electrical, conduit, plumbing, mechanical, pipe, PVC, Schedule 40, copper, hydraulic tubing, stainless steel pipe and tube, chemical, food, waste. Other applications include:

•Simple Strut
•Equipment Service Stands
•Panel Supports
•Overhead Electrical Support Systems
•HVAC, machinery, and electronics panels
•Trapeze Schemes
•Shelving and Shelf Systems
•Wall Mounted Conduit / Electrical Systems
•C-Perlin, I-Beam, & T-Bar Clamp Support Systems


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